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  • Doing


    Passionista’s Guide: The Original Greek Festival & Dracula, plus this week’s “worth-it” events

    Each week, Bayou City “Doing” shares our perfect week: curated events that are worth the time, money, drive or dress. Sometimes you’ll find one event that we delve into, sometimes you’ll find a set of related events and often we’ll share enough events to make up an inspired week, Bayou City magazine style. This week: A night of “Dance, Film and Conversation,” Cat Lady Chic book signing, Nature Conservatory’s 50th Anniversary, Houston Symphony presents Sarah Chang, Capturing the Human Soul and the Soul of Nature exhibit, The Original Greek Festival, When Wood Met Design at Archway Gallery and Dracula, The Original Vampire Play.

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    Mark Lipczynski

    Snapping: Wine & wine storage

    This week’s challenge is to show us your wine collection, your favorite wine or where you store your wine. We show you how Bayou City oenophiles are getting serious about wine storage in Down Home—Storage with Style in the Aug/Sept issue of Bayou City Magazine. Now, show us how you store your wine. Don’t forget to submit or tag us (we follow @bayoucitymag, and the tags #bayoucitymag #bayoucitymagstreetscene and #bayoucitysnapping).

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    Explore Historic Freedmen’s Town Labyrinth

    Since this past April, a multi-faith, highly diverse group of Houston community volunteers has been collaborating to install an 11-circuit labyrinth in the prayer garden located in the shadow of Houston’s downtown skyscrapers where Mt. Carmel Church once stood. About 100 years ago, neighborhood residents founded the Mt. Carmel Church, but over the decades, however, the church building became structurally unsound and was eventually demolished leaving only its prayer garden. The new Historic Freedmen’s Town Labyrinth is now the central theme of the prayer garden and a spiritual destination for pilgrims throughout Houston and beyond. Built from a unique design, with an 11-circuit Chartres as the central core, this labyrinth is the only square labyrinth in the greater Houston area.

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  • Living

    Take it from the chefs: How to best entertain

    Guests are running around the kitchen, one asks where the glass are, the other insists on helping, and on top of it all you have to worry that the food is not over done, underdone and quite frankly makes it to the table at all. Entertaining and cooking at home can be overwhelming but who better to give advice than the chefs who entertain us in their homes every day. Chef Kate McLean and Chef Bryan Caswell, featured in Deep Dish in the Aug/Sept issue of Bayou City Magazine, give us a few tips when it comes to entertaining, so before your next manic moment arises, take it from Chef Kate McLean, “The most important thing to remember when entertaining at home is to enjoy yourself.”

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    Mark Lipczynski

    Old World wine picks to sip on

    The world of wine has gotten incredibly large and diverse. It can be tough to keep up with it, even a portion of it. Even if you are well-versed about your favorite producers of your favorite varietal in Napa or Sonoma fairly well you might be unfamiliar with excellent interpretations of the grape in Washington or Oregon, or even in other parts of California. When it comes to other varietals and the rest of the wine-producing world, the breadth of wines can seem overwhelming. Then, labels and designations printed in French, Spanish, Italian and German can add another dimension of confusion.

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    Stop, shop & take away a healthy diet from Snap Kitchen

    After reading F+B–Meals that Heal in the Aug/Sept issue of Bayou City Magazine, you may be searching for healthful one-stop shopping to bring the best ingredients home to your kitchen. Austin born Snap Kitchen, a “fast” food take-away company, makes flavorful, handcrafted food that supports a commitment to local, organic ingredients and healthful eating. Even foodies appreciate these tasty, satisfying meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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