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  • Sipping


    Bringing wine close to home: Houstonians with California Wineries

    California dreaming? No longer for this lucky handful of Houstonians who followed their passion for wine and opened wineries in the California wine country, specifically Napa Valley. The harvest season is upon them in September and October so you probably can guess where they are right now! Here’s who they are. Carol and Mike Hensley, owners of Reflection Printing in Houston, developed a big crush on the wine country culture when visiting the Napa Valley over a decade ago.

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    Honey beauty products from Tre Spa

    Cleopatra shouldn’t be the only one to benefit from honey’s beauty benefits. In the Aug/Sept issue of Bayou City Magazine we shared with you some of the honey based products that help users look and feel their best. Here are a few more. Tre Spa (2516 Sunset Blvd.) has several honey based products available at their spa and were even on hand at the August Bayou City Live Happy Hour to show them off. You can trust them to know their stuff. The spa’s owner Trey Gillen has been in the hair industry for ten years and trained under New York stylists Garren, Thom Priano and Louis Chiodo at the Garren Salon on 5th Avenue. He opened his spa in Houston three years ago but is still a regular at New York City’s Fashion Week where he’s worked with Donna Karan, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren and Nicole Miller, among others.

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    Passionista’s Guide: The Texas Tenors & Houston Symphony Opening Night, plus this week’s “worth-it” events

    Each week, Bayou City “Doing” shares our perfect week: curated events that are worth the time, money, drive or dress. Sometimes you’ll find one event that we delve into, sometimes you’ll find a set of related events and often we’ll share enough events to make up an inspired week, Bayou City magazine style. This week: Tasty Tuesday at West Ave., Mitchell Artist lecture, The Texas Tenors, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Houston Symphony Opening Night, Shades of Roses Dinner, Gray Ghost Golf Tournament and Victor/Victoria.

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  • Exploring

    Transported + Renewed: An East End Excursion

    If you’ve not spent any time in Houston’s East End recently, you’re missing out on a bustling corner of the Bayou City. Over the last few years, the area’s enjoyed a rejuvenation of sorts, as more and more Houstonians have discovered its eclectic blend of businesses, shops and eateries. It’s a thriving, fun and fascinating place to spend some time. If you’re thinking of wandering about the neighborhood, there’s no better way to do it than as part of the Houston Arts Alliance’s Transported + Renewed, a bold mix of community-based and contemporary art projects, featured in A+E–Houston on the Move in the Aug/Sept issue of Bayou City Magazine.

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    Americana Cafe

    Stealth Health: Americana Café & True Food Kitchen

    It seems these days that everyone is trying to go healthy when it comes to dining out. These restaurants make is easy for you to still enjoy the experience of dining out–but in a healthy way. Proprietor and Head Chef, Edilerman Molina offers a new perspective on creating a wonderful dining experience to the Decorative Center Houston at Americana Café. With his extensive background in the culinary fields of hotels, restaurants, high-end catering and private events as well as his concern for creating healthy yet flavorful food stemming from his father’s medical conditions, The Americana Café brings fresh flavor and creative menu chooses.

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    Mark Lipczynski

    Laughter Yoga with The Jung Center, Heights Neighborhood Library & more

    In Living Happy in the Aug/Sept issue of Bayou City Magazine , we talked about jumpstarting your joy with Laughter Yoga, a class that combines yoga-type breathing with laughter through guided exercises. After an hour-long class, you are likely to: reduce your stress level, strengthen your immune system, feel healthier and more energetic, increase your circulation, decrease pain, improve your mood and connect with people in a profound yet silly way—just to name a few of the mental and physical health benefits.

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