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  • Doing

    Brilliant Lecture Series

    Passionista’s Guide: Marilyn Forever Blonde & Theater District Open House, plus this week’s “worth-it” events

    Each week, Bayou City “Doing” shares our perfect week: curated events that are worth the time, money, drive or dress. Sometimes you’ll find one event that we delve into, sometimes you’ll find a set of related events and often we’ll share enough events to make up an inspired week, Bayou City magazine style. This week: Help Yourself exhibit at Nicole Longnecker Gallery, re-New & re-Dux fashion show, Seven Selected Artists closing reception, Marilyn Forever Blonde, Dali exhibit opening, FrenetiCore presents Quench and The Texas Sculpture Group.

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    Snapping: What makes you happy?

    This week’s challenge is to show us the tea you’re drinking. How do you take your tea? Read about cooking with tea classes you can take from McHugh Tea in Cooking with tea at McHugh Tea Room. Don’t forget to submit or tag us (we follow @bayoucitymag, and the tags #bayoucitymag #bayoucitymagstreetscene and #bayoucitysnapping).

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    Last Gasp of Summer

    Although the summer is coming to an end, there’s still a chance to get in those summer activities or a last gasp summer getaway. Whether you stay in town, get out to Galveston or head to the hills, there’s plenty of summer fun to be had. There’s something for everyone on stage at Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park this summer. From daytime programs, especially for young children, to family friendly evening performances of music, dance, theatre and more.

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  • Living

    Honey recipes from Nara, Kiran’s & Sparrow Bar + Cookshop

    In Oh, Honey in the Aug/Sept issue of Bayou City Magazine, we gave you the scoop on all the ways that honey influences food, beauty products and even design. Humans have been hunting the sweet stuff for more than 8,000 as evidenced by cave paintings in Spain, but you don’t have to go far nowadays to find a wealth of good recipes that use honey. Chef Donald Chang from Nara Sushi & Korean Kitchen (2800 Kirby Dr. #100), talked about honey as a key ingredient in the honey-wasabi cream that accompanies his seared peppercorn tuna tataki. It’s easy too.

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    Coltivare, Andrea Weir

    Saturday Night Pizza Wines

    Weekends were meant for a lazy pizza night with no cooking or dishes to clean up. Besides, what could be better than fragrant, cheesy pizza straight from the oven? The artisan pizzas of today deserve an equally great wine match. Slice this for the ultimate pizza experience! When picking vino for your pizza, drink what makes you happy. But if you’re an epicure who savors every sip and bite, keep these tips in mind for an elevated pizza night.

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    Queen of Heirs

    Designing custom jewelry with Queen of Heirs

    In Field Notes–Small Town in a Big City in the Aug/Sept issue of Bayou City Magazine, we profiled Queen of Heirs on the corner of Locust and 2nd Street in Bellaire as a must shop location for antique and estate jewelry, as well as one of a kind custom designs. Need a little more help selecting just the right piece? Look no further than owner Robin Lindberg. There is no doubt that Robin loves jewelry. A beloved aunt left Robin all her jewelry, which Robin’s mother put in a safe-deposit box for her until she graduated from college–then encouraged her to “learn about what you have.”

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