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  • Snapping

    Big Brew, Randall Murrow

    Snapping: Big Brew Houston

    This week’s challenge is to show us your favorite brews. Big Brew Houston begins this week, so show us your snaps from the event. Read The Pour—Brew Masters in the Oct/Nov issue of Bayou City Magazine to find out more about Big Brew Houston and the art of craft beer. Don’t forget to submit or tag us (we follow @bayoucitymag, and the tags #bayoucitymag #bayoucitymagstreetscene and #bayoucitysnapping).

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    Big Brew, Randall Murrow

    Exploring Big Brew Houston

    Beer drinkers come one, come all. As featured in The Pour—Brew Masters in the Oct/Nov issue of Bayou City Magazine, Big Brew rolls into Houston October 23 through 25 at the George R. Brown Convention Center and we have a feeling this is an experience you aren’t going to want to miss. Imagine 1,000 craft beers, including 40 Texas breweries and some of the hardest to find brews around, in one location. The week is broken down into three events including a tasting from Houston’s top culinary talent and brew masters at the Great Match, a Texas Brewery Showcase, a Pub Crawl and a day of Grand Tasting.

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    Cauliflower Madness

    I’m sure you have a vegetable horror story from your childhood. Perhaps it’s broccoli, Brussels sprouts or asparagus, all boiled within an inch of their lives, piled next to the fish sticks and macaroni and cheese, releasing that unappealing sulfurous cloud that’s the hallmark of “overdone”. Okay, remember this trick? One sip of water, one bite of broccoli, another sip of water, another bite of broccoli. It would take me an hour to clean my plate, but I’d get it all down and finally get down from the table, relieved that my vegetable drama was finally over…for that meal.

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  • Sipping

    Oktoberfest & seasonal ales to sip on

    September is often celebrated for two reasons: the official start of fall and the beginning of the weeks-long beer party otherwise known as Oktoberfest. Not only are there excuses galore to pop open a cold one and merrily dance the night away, but this is also the season of transition from the light, crisp, golden lagers of summer into the heavier, deeper, darker ales of colder months. Right now of course you can still easily enjoy whichever you crave as the weather flip flops between the seasons, as it is so prone to do in southeast Texas.

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    Randall Murrow

    Shopping Uptown Décor

    In Down Home–Excuse to Spruce in the Oct/Nov issue of Bayou City Magazine, we give you tips on how to bring in the fall season with simple touches that set the tone for family, festivities and fun. To help spruce up your home, spend the afternoon exploring the home design and décor spots Uptown Houston has to offer.

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    Passionista’s Guide: Fall Fine Arts Show & WOW Grand Tasting, plus this week’s “worth-it” events

    Each week, Bayou City “Doing” shares our perfect week: curated events that are worth the time, money, drive or dress. Sometimes you’ll find one event that we delve into, sometimes you’ll find a set of related events and often we’ll share enough events to make up an inspired week, Bayou City magazine style. This week: Hops and Hogs at St. Arnold Brewery, Elements of Style blogger book signing, Kendra Gives Back event, Trails at Twilight Fundraiser for Woodland Park, Fall Fine Arts Show, Shaping Sound, Women of Wine Grand Tasting and Día de los Muertos at Lawndale Art Center.

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