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  • Snapping

    Mark Lipczynski

    Snapping: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

    This week’s challenge is to show us your favorite chocolate treats. In Living Happy in the Aug/Sept issue of Bayou City Magazine, we tell you how chocolate, among other things, can help you feel happier. Don’t forget to submit or tag us (we follow @bayoucitymag, and the tags #bayoucitymag #bayoucitymagstreetscene and #bayoucitysnapping).

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    Home Sweet Farm, Mark Lipczynski

    Beyond the Beltway: Exploring local farms

    In Home Grown–Farm Fresh in the Aug/Sept issue of Bayou City Magazine, we tell you how local farmers can deliver goodness right to your table through innovative CSA programs. But what if you want to pick out your own produce at one of our local farms? Here are a few farms nearby where you can get your hands in the dirt and see where your food is actually coming from.

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    From the chefs: Tips from Tracy Vaught, Michael Cordúa and David Cordúa

    We asked some of our profiled chefs and restaurateurs for their tips on the best tables, must-have dishes and little-known ways to enjoy their establishments. Hear more from the chefs in Deep Dish in the Aug/Sept issue of Bayou City Magazine. “At Hugo’s, ask for table 11, which has windows on both sides. If you call ahead and give us a budget, we can do a custom wine or agave paired menu for you. Over at Backstreet Café, sit outside next to the fountain. And definitely let our sommelier guide you on wines to enjoy throughout your meal. It’s a great way to step outside the box.”

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  • Sipping

    Wine with Barbecue? Heck, Yeah!

    Get fired up and celebrate Labor Day with these grilling and chilling wines that beg for barbecue. Sure, beer is a natural for hot smoky foods, but wine can magically enhance the nuances in barbecue rubs, smoked meat flavor and the sauce like nothing else—plus it is less filling than drinking a few beers with a heavy meal. Caution…anything coated in barbecue sauce or a heavy rub with its smoky, spicy and sweet flavors can pose a challenge for wine pairings.

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    JD Designs

    Bring the honey trend to your closet

    Oh, Honey in the Aug/Sept issue of Bayou City Magazine provides some sweet inspiration, from food to drinks to décor, and even into the realm of fashion. The honey trend is seen all over the Bayou City’s fashion scene, from gowns to accessories to shoes. So how can you bring the honey trend to your closet? Jan Forrester of JD Designs gave us some tips on incorporating the honey trend with your outfit by simply adding accessories. “Several of our new gold link necklaces layered together is a great way to create a ‘honey’ look,” Forrester says. “We see honey represented in the natural golden South Sea pearls, either in strands or rings, and in the subtle shades of champagne diamonds.”

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    Miller Outdoor Theatre

    Passionista’s Guide: Walk Houston and BrewMaster’s Festival, plus this week’s “worth-it” events

    Each week, Bayou City “Doing” shares our perfect week: curated events that are worth the time, money, drive or dress. Sometimes you’ll find one event that we delve into, sometimes you’ll find a set of related events and often we’ll share enough events to make up an inspired week, Bayou City magazine style. This week: Swing, Jive and Pop! Into Dance, Walk Houston, BCO Meet & Greet, BrewMaster’s Festival, Disney in Concert, BBQ Block Party, Memorial Day at the Zoo and Reconstructions at the Jung Center.

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